Services and Products beyond Furniture

Innovation Engineering Pty Ltd

Innovation Engineering is pleased also to be able to offer a developing range of services in the engraving and laser engraving fields. Metal and plastic signage, sports uniform vinyl letter cutting, metal photo etching, and tag and nameplate engraving, are just a few of the wider range of services we can now offer to customers.


In addition to the above, we also offer other engineering services. Innovation Engineering has a purpose-built workshop for prototyping and low-volume injection moulding, and over-moulding of cables. We can provide a design service for injection moulding, from concept to CAD modelling to CNC machining of dies, to a finished item.


Carbon fibre machining is a new service that is being offered due to the ever growing market for custom parts. Uses for Carbon Fibre sheet include: drone parts, key rings and automotive trims to name a few.


We pride ourselves on making each product to order, and in many cases, providing something specially designed for a client’s specific purpose or idea. Innovation Engineering aims to deliver form with function through street and outdoor products that add value to community places. Now with a second factory site set up specifically for the other arm of Innovation Engineering, our Plastics/Electronics division, we can offer low volume injection moulding, die cutting for plastics and fibre material, low pressure/low temperature over moulding for delicate components like PCBs and switches, encapsulation with epoxy and polyurethane moulding, and electronic assembly services. We also continue to make a wide range of fishing accessories such as fishing nets, underwater lights and gaffs, following on from the tradition of Innovation Engineering founder, the late Bob Ganley.


Innovation Engineering Pty Ltd